Olusegun Tolulope

01/06/2023, 1:42 PM
Hello everyone... I'm olusegun, looking to contribute to an Open source project.. In looking for a really nice and technical project, I found questdb.. Looking over questdb.. I found the project to be really technical.. However I'm not a programmer..... How can I contribute to questdb.. Where does the project need help.. Looking to up my skills

Jaromir Hamala

01/06/2023, 2:15 PM
Hello Olusegon, there are many ways to contribute, it certainly goes beyond pushing code. some ideas: • Improving Documentation. Our documentation is open source too! there are open issues: perhaps you could help to improve documentation? • you could write a blog post about QuestDB. it does not have to be deeply technical. “Getting Started” content is always in demand! • you could try to answer a question on Stackoverflow. See Helping others is a great way to learn to project!
reposting issues is a great way to improve the project too. so as non-programmer you could just go to the intro: and try the Getting started guide and create an issue for everything you find confusing: and last but not least: if you are into art then you could paint/draw your idea how the QuestDB mascot could look like or write a song about QuestDB! :-D