12/11/2022, 2:51 AM
Hi Team, Currently i'm using Influxdb Telegraf Input plugin - OPCUA plugin to fetch data from OPCUAclients. My observation is on the design from, for each tag(from the opcua taglist configured in conf file) this plugin outputs the data as individual lines for each tag even if its receive data at same exact timestamps. the issue comes when i use this telegraf plugin in QuestDB. I configured 10 OPCUA tag and i see 10 rows with same timestamps in the table out of which 9 are NULL and only 1 have values. Actual QuestDB table output: For Same Timestamps multiple rows for multiple tags "timestamp","tag1","tag2","tag3","tag4","tag5","tag6","tag7","tag8","tag9","tag10" "2022-12-10T23:59:28.000000Z",18.58072,,,,,,,,, "2022-12-10T23:59:28.000000Z",,4.30858,,,,,,,, "2022-12-10T23:59:28.000000Z",,,1155.558,,,,,,, "2022-12-10T23:59:28.000000Z",,,,1411.614,,,,,, "2022-12-10T23:59:28.000000Z",,,,,238.6185,,,,, "2022-12-10T23:59:28.000000Z",,,,,,1280.09,,,, "2022-12-10T23:59:28.000000Z",,,,,,,800.7842,,, "2022-12-10T23:59:28.000000Z",,,,,,,,47.16882,, "2022-12-10T23:59:28.000000Z",,,,,,,,,38.81365, "2022-12-10T23:59:28.000000Z",,,,,,,,,,18.58072 Expected QuestDB table output:: One line output for same timestamp. If value not present then NULL is obvious output. "timestamp","tag1","tag2","tag3","tag4","tag5","tag6","tag7","tag8","tag9","tag10" "2022-12-10T23:59:28.000000Z",18.58072, 4.30, 1155.5, 1411.6, 238.61, 1280.09, 800.78, 47.16882, 38.81, 18.58 Can we change this please. This might improve the throughput as well. Thanks #opcua #influxdb #Telegraf-Input-Plugins #general #telegraf #users-public #contributors #github


12/16/2022, 7:51 AM
I'm having the same problem but I'm using OPC DA