Michael IZKOOL

09/20/2022, 6:24 PM
Hey I was just wondering: How long do the tests usually take for people to run, and must someone run all of the tests before making a PR?
Andrey Pechkurov

Andrey Pechkurov

09/20/2022, 6:34 PM
Hi Michael, It's fine to run only tests around affected code. We use multiple workers to execute tests in parallel in CI, so a test run usually takes around 20-30 minutes.
Miguel Arregui

Miguel Arregui

09/22/2022, 7:15 AM
Ideally yes, on an M1, locally, it takes about 10-15 minutes. When all clears, you submit the PR. Sometimes CI will fail because possibly other OS/architecture, and then is fine to ask for help if you get stuck. Thank you for the PR!