Aviral Verma

04/24/2023, 2:42 PM
Hey @Bolek Ziobrowski , In context of this PR:, I had a few queries regarding the tests: 1. I am currently going through the tests in
. I was thinking of adding the tests for started and completed query counter in the same class. Would that be fine? 2. Should I be writing tests for all different kind of queries (insert, select etc), or only anyone would do?

Bolek Ziobrowski

04/24/2023, 2:58 PM
Hi @Aviral Verma. 1. Yes , you can add all tests to this class. 2. Yes: insert, insert as select, create table, select, update, some DDL as well, but also : a. single statement executed in simple and extended protocols b. multiple statements executed in simple protocol batch

Aviral Verma

04/25/2023, 6:03 PM
Understood, will work on this. Thanks Bolek.