Hristo Katsarski

04/18/2023, 2:28 PM
Hello, questdb-debug.log contains this message: UNSUPPORTED (SYSTEM COULD BE UNSTABLE) It appears several times in the log file below. Are there potential issues or it is normal message.
2023-04-18T14:05:53.824711Z A server-main QuestDB server 7.1.1. Copyright (C) 2014-2023, all rights reserved.
2023-04-18T14:05:53.984744Z A server-main OS/Arch linux/amd64 [AVX512,10, 64 bits, 8 processors]
2023-04-18T14:05:53.991944Z I server-main Web Console is up to date
2023-04-18T14:05:53.992083Z A server-main Server config: /root/.questdb/conf/server.conf
2023-04-18T14:05:54.033888Z I i.q.c.t.t.InputFormatConfiguration loading input format config [resource=/text_loader.json]
2023-04-18T14:05:54.043166Z I server-main env config [key=QDB_CAIRO_SQL_COPY_ROOT]
2023-04-18T14:05:54.052134Z A server-main Config:
2023-04-18T14:05:54.052162Z A server-main  - http.enabled : true
2023-04-18T14:05:54.052186Z A server-main  - tcp.enabled  : true
2023-04-18T14:05:54.052207Z A server-main  - pg.enabled   : true
2023-04-18T14:05:54.052223Z A server-main  - attach partition suffix: .attachable
2023-04-18T14:05:54.052245Z A server-main  - open database [id=451841101813339745.4642798407103226883]
2023-04-18T14:05:54.052342Z A server-main  - db root: [path=/root/.questdb/db, magic=0x58465342] -> UNSUPPORTED (SYSTEM COULD BE UNSTABLE)
2023-04-18T14:05:54.052388Z A server-main  - backup root: NOT SET
2023-04-18T14:05:54.052418Z A server-main  - snapshot root: [path=/root/.questdb/snapshot, magic=0x00] -> UNSUPPORTED (SYSTEM COULD BE UNSTABLE)
2023-04-18T14:05:54.052457Z A server-main  - sql copy input root: [path=/root/./questdb/questdb_import, magic=0x58465342] -> UNSUPPORTED (SYSTEM COULD BE UNSTABLE)
2023-04-18T14:05:54.052493Z A server-main  - sql copy input worker root: [path=/root/.questdb/tmp, magic=0x58465342] -> UNSUPPORTED (SYSTEM COULD BE UNSTABLE)
2023-04-18T14:05:54.053694Z A server-main  - SQL JIT compiler mode: on
2023-04-18T14:05:54.055491Z A server-main Metrics are disabled, health check endpoint will not consider unhandled errors
2023-04-18T14:05:54.100144Z I i.q.c.m.EngineMigration upgrading database [version=427]

Bolek Ziobrowski

04/18/2023, 2:38 PM
Qdb doesn't run tests against XFS filesystem in CI, so running on XFS might be unreliable . Feel free to upvote .

Hristo Katsarski

04/18/2023, 2:48 PM
Thank you again, good to know. This is a dev environment of ours, it is not a problem. I also found a link to the supported file systems:

Andrey Pechkurov

04/18/2023, 2:49 PM
In fact, our ARM CI worker uses XFS, so we could include XFS to the list of supported FSes. @Marius Gheorghies please correct me if I'm wrong.